Ignited Pens offers one-on-one coaching session and 3 different writing groups.


30 Minute One-on-One Coaching:  For aspiring authors to establish goals, ask questions, and create a skeleton to ignite writing.   5:00pm-6:00pm Mondays    JOIN NOW

Seek Fire (Elements of Craft):

Outline / Plan Your Book Class: Outlining your book is fuel for your writing. Participants will create an outline using a guide and probing questions that will help make writing their story easier.     JOIN NOW

Anatomy of Poetry Class: Poetry is like breathing; It’s life! In this class, we’ll learn the three systems to aflame your poetry and bring it to life!    JOIN NOW

Creative Non-fiction and Narrative Nonfiction Writing Workshop: In this workshop, we’ll study the genre and read published examples and try our hand at writing our own.

Part 2:  Participants will bring their non-fiction piece or narrative for reader response and comments from other participants and the instructor.


Ignited (Exploring Your Voice):

Overcoming Writer’s Block Class: You have a book inside of you, but you do not know how to begin. In this class, we’ll learn the secrets to good writing and we’ll never fear the blank page again.     JOIN NOW

Find your Authentic Voice Class: Participants will learn tools and complete several writings exercises that will strengthen their voice and create captivation work people to want to read.    JOIN NOW

Paths to Creativity Workshop: In this workshop, we’ll discuss the call to be creative and discuss circumstance creative people face. We’ll study various artists and ways to recover, reconnect, or refine our creative selves. We will also reexamine our past and reclaim our future so we can try to bring your creativity to everyone.

Part 1: The Call and the Resistance

Part 2: Tips to recover, reconnect, and Refine Your Creativity

Part 3: Participants will be given an opportunity to share their own preamble or Artist’s creed for reader response and comments from other participants and the instructor.


Common Flame (Everyone in the Group has something in common)

Embers Rise Workshop:  A small group of 10 divorced women will be together for four weeks. We’ll give voice to our thoughts and feelings. We’ll remember our own stories and share them or keep them safe and sacred within our personal journal. The materials will be taken from my book, Flint to Flame, (Purpose Publishing, 2019) and use of various exercises. The book is not required for participation, but some writers may find it enriching to their experience. The value of this workshop to be the flame that burns brightly always.  


Session 1: Heart Process/Flint

Session 2: Fire

Session 3: Flame

Session 4: Share your Heart Sparks 


Fresh Fire Workshop: A small group of 10 believers of Christ will explore writing with the Holy Spirit. We’ll work from prompts and focused exercises and timed writing. We will guarantee creative energy from the source of all creativity, God. 

Session 1: Start a Fire

Session 2: Listen to the Fire

Session 3: Trust the Fire/ It Already Knows

Session 4: Burn Brightly