Attending a Radio, Broadcasting, and Journalism Magnet High School sparked my passion for writing. In the 9th grade, I started carrying around a blue ring binder filled with paper everywhere I went. It included the pages of my supposed to be my best-selling novel. But, when it took me to my senior year in high school to pass the state proficiency test, my fire to write went dim. What I know now, but I didn’t realize then, I was called to write. I experienced resistance, and Satan tried to extinguish my fire for writing. 

Therefore, I became an English teacher. I vowed to myself and my students that I would provide strategies and create an environment to write so they wouldn’t have to stare at a blank page with fear like I did. After having a class with me, most of my students could write a text of any type in less than 30 minutes.

I still have students I taught 25 years ago come up to me or my identical twin, Dr. Yvette Hayes, to thank me for introducing them to write because it helped them through college. One student I taught said he was teaching his children the strategies I taught him.

Then, after completing one of the best 6-week Summer professional development programs in writing, my fire for writing re-ignited. I learned that I needed a space to strengthen my craft, explore my creativity, and connect with other writers and authors. That is what I always required, even in high school. Therefore, the Holy Spirit compelled me to continue the practice of meeting with other writers, teachers, readers, leaders, and learners, but add Christ believers, so welcome to Ignited Pens.

My name is Charlette Wafer. I am the Inspired Expressionist who teaches, creates, ignites Wafer pic 1others to write, and believes in Jesus Christ. I wish this site were around earlier; I would have saved a lot of frustration, produced more writing, and helped a lot more people.

Ignited Pens provide services, tips, and strategies to:

  • Coach Aspiring Authors
  • Give Poetry Life
  • Make Writing Easier
  • Study Various Genres
  • Overcome Writer’s Block
  • Strengthen Your Authentic Voice
  • Recover, Reconnect, and Refine Your Creative Self
  • Connect with Small Groups
  • Heal
  • Partner with the Holy Spirit
  • Share Thoughts and Feeling in Safe Environment

Ignited Pens meet for FREE every third Wednesday of the month virtually from 7:00 pm -8:00 pm CST.

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Typically, when we meet, we experience the Refining Process:

  • Fire Up: Opening Ritual
  • Ignite: A quick spark that allows us to ignite our mental fire.
  • Fire Storm: Timed Writing
  • Stoke the Fire: Shared Writing and Critique- verbal or written
  • Pass the Torch: Closing Ritual

That’s what Ignited Pens is all about: We are service and a community that motivates, inspires, and encourage through writing. The Fire to Write is Within You; You just have to Ignite it!!!!