Ignited Pens Top 2021 Blog Lists

The Top 3 Blog Post

1) The 3 Benefits of Keeping a Journal

2) 5 Myths about Writing

3) 7 Strategies to Starting a Fire for Financial Freedom

I am surprised that The 3 Benefits of Keeping a Journal was the most viewed and engaged post. I can conclude that many readers enjoyed the content and engaging photos and poems. According to my readers, the one benefit that resonated with them was to Relive Expressions-Create New Material from a Golden Line. Below I have reposted the poem I shared and then chose a new line- the perfect collab and wrote a new poem. Let me know what you think in the comments. 

Our Hearts Speak

We greet

not saying a word

our eyes meet and then

our hearts speak

We feel the melody

of each other heartbeats

like the unforced rhythm of grace

glimpses of it become

spoken word and a symphony,

the perfect collab of you and me

our eyes meet and then

our hearts speak

We feel the warmth

We move closer and

The crackling of our fire

grow bolder and bolder

Embers dance

to the tune of our frequency

Our hearts become one

Just let our hearts speak.

New- Golden Line – The Perfect Collab

It could be short and sweet

or when sand and water meet

but you can’t have one without the other

like Doritos and Taco Bell

like pen and paper

like Doja Cat and Sza

like Venus and Serena

they make indelible expressions

with lasting impressions 

that will have you 




to the rhythm of their

perfect collaboration.  

The Top 3 Visited Pages

1) IP Services, Classes, and Workshops

2) About

3) Flint to Flame

I’m not surprised at these stats; I intended to have readers visit these pages. Although the IP service page is on hiatus, we will return in 2022 on fire. We will have new online courses, focus, and books. So be on the lookout. 

What were your personal or blog’s top lists? Please share in the comments, and if you had a golden line from either poem I shared, post in the comments. Please like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter or Instagram.


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