7 Strategies to Starting a Fire for Financial Freedom

Becoming financially free is not for the faint of heart. It takes faith, perseverance, and a lot of lifestyle choices. You may get discouraged, but remind yourself that you created a tinder. You have the flint in your hand, and you have made many strokes, and one of them will set that tinder on fire. Here are some strategies I’ve used to get my fire started;

7 Strategies to Start That Fire

  1. Release your tithes – 10% faithfully. 
  2. Start a budget. The book It All Starts With a Budget by Kemberly Washington was helpful. She has some practical nuggets. 
  3. The following Bible Plans on the Youversion Bible App. THEY WERE SO HELPFUL in understanding finances in the spiritual aspects. a) Financial Fitness by Rick Warren b) Finding Your Financial Path. I read each plan 3X.
  4. Read Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover and save $1,000 immediately. This money is only for emergencies. 
  5. Open another bank account that is at a different bank from your current bank. You fill this account with an automatic deduction from your paycheck. Check with your employer on how to make this happen. You can call this account “For Ministry and Me or Business.” Your goal is to have at least 2,000 or save at the end of each year.
  6. Take advantage of Dave’s Ramsey 1 free financial coaching call! The coaches are phenomenal. It blew me away on how I could save money. 
  7. Join my 30 Days of Prayer for Financial Freedom Challenge. Every November for the past four years, we pray God’s Word daily and post it on social media. Here is the list of daily scriptures, https://bit.ly/3Bcme7D .

All that I’ve experienced since starting a fire four years ago still doesn’t add up, but I can tell you it’s God’s supernatural blessings. My girls and I traveled to France for a week. I bought a used car (it’s still running fine after 2 1/2 years), paid off $6,000 credit card debt ( I don’t own any credit cards), paid off a 3,000 car settlement, paid cash to remodel 2 1/2 bathrooms in my home, and still have an emergency fund, my For Ministry and Me Account, and a nice amount in savings.

I’m in awe. If I started a fire, so can you. As I continue to let the fire burn, I believe my student loan debt of 250,000 will be dissolved. I’m currently on the PSLF plan for my loans (some people say it’s not real), but I’m believing God’s promises and biblical truths that I will no longer have that debt. “The bigger the debt, the bigger the miracle.” 

If you have any more strategies, please leave one and tell me which one resonated with you the most. Please like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter or Instagram.


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